Tree cutting
When you have had a tree trimmed up or even cut down entirely, you are left with the job of having to deal with all of the wood. For us, at Darwin Tree Surgeons, it is important that we are finding a way for the material to be used for another purpose, in the future. We want to make sure that we are providing the most ecological service that we possibly can, which is why, we offer our chipping service alongside any of our other services. By being able to put the waste wood to better use, we know we are going to be having the minimal environmental impact. And, you even get to make use of your wood chips for whatever you like in the future, such as mulching or kindling. Just make sure you are using our support, so you know you are getting the most complete chipping services.

Branch Chipping

After pruning or trimming, or perhaps after a storm has knocked the branches from your tree, you are going to want to have them dealt with properly. Which is why our branch chipping service could be the perfect thing. We will be able to make light work of any branches, no matter how big they area. We’ll break them down suitably, so they are able to be fed through our wood chipper with efficiency and ease.

Tree Chipping

Or, if you have just had your tree cut down and you have no further intentions for the chunks of wood, you are going to get just as much benefit out of our chipping service to. The number of woodchips you would get from an entire tree is massive and it would be able to last you for a significant amount of time. Whether you are using them as a fertilizer, potting material, kindling for the fire or whatever else, there is going to be plenty for you to make full use of.

Christmas Tree Chipping

Following on from the holiday season each year, countless people are left with a tree that they no longer want. Landfill simply can’t hold them all and it would be a shame for them to be going to a waste anyways. Which is why, our Christmas tree chipping service could be a big help for you, come next Christmas. We are glad to collect any waste trees and have them chipped, for us to make use of in other ways in the future.

Repurpose Your Old Tree

We’re proud to be able to offer all of our services in wood chipping, because we know just how much benefit it has to the environmental impact of our community. Using our quality equipment, we know we are able to make light work of any old branches or wood, turning them into quality chips, that we know we are going to be able to use again. Whenever you enlist this service from us, you too can take peace of mind, knowing your tree is going to be repurposed as best as it possibly can be.
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