Tree Removal Palmerston

If you have a tree that is causing a you issues on your property or is unable to be maintained, we are on call to help remove or trim back your tree. We are local Darwin residents and have done heaps of work in Palmerston, with no job too big or small!
Here are some reasons a tree may need to be removed
  • Coconuts are falling off your palm trees in a garden
  • A tree is causing disruption to other trees or a property/ pedestrians
  • The tree is dead and growing fungi and harmful bacteria causing unsafe conditions
  • The tree has loose branches causing hazardous situations for pedestrians or residents
Our team at Darwin Tree Surgeons are qualified tree specialists, with the capabilities to work at heights, regularly working with cranes and heavy equipment.
We can help with the following trees
  • Mango Tree
  • Palm Tree
  • Forest red gum tree
  • Spotted gum tree
  • Gympie messmate tree
  • Blackbutt tree
  • Grey gum tree
  • Grey ironbark tree
  • Narrow-leaved red ironbark tree
  • White cypress pine tree

So if you are in Palmerston and in need of some tree removal service, tree trimming, lopping or general tree maintenance, then give us a call we would be happy to help!

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