Tree Stump Removal

Tree cutting
Following on from any tree removal job, you are going to be left over with a stump still stuck in the ground. It gets in the way and its unsightly to have to be looking at each day. Which is why, you may be interested to have yours removed. Whether you have just had a tree cut down or you have recently moved into a property with a stump in the garden, we are glad to help. Our expert team will be able to apply our professional techniques of stump removal to your yard, making sure we are delivering a quick and effective job. So, if you would like to have your tree stump removed for good, give us a call and schedule in your service, today.

Why Remove Your Stump?

If you think your tree stump hasn’t really been causing you much of a bother, you may be wondering why you need to have it removed at all. The truth is, not having yours removed quickly could result in some seriously unhelpful circumstances. Whilst everything may appear fine above ground, an untouched tree stump could be continuing to expand the roots, which will carry on spreading out under the ground. Over time, that could cause you a serious problem with your foundations, or even your gas or water pipes, none of which you want to have to deal with. The damages that come from that would be unbearably costly and may even be a direct risk to your health.

Stump Grinding

Therefore, you are going to want us to come and help you, with our support in stump grinding. Using our industry-grade grinder, we will be able to reduce your tree stump to nothing more than a few woodchips. It is by far the most effective and most efficient way to remove a tree stump and is guaranteed to produce results. And, you’ll even be left over with some free woodchips to do what you want with, at the end of it all!

Root Removal

Whilst a grinded stump should almost always end up killing off any remaining roots, it is not always a guarantee. And, sometimes with superiorly large trees, there is the possibility for the roots to pick up growing and sprouting again. So, if you would like us to go a step further and take care of a full root removal in your garden, we would be happy to do so. Our knowledgeable team know what it takes to locate and deal with tree roots properly, so you know we are going to be able to deliver you with the job you need.

Affordable Service

In many cases, a stump removal service is just an extra cost, that people don’t want to pay. This is something that we completely understand, however we also know just how important it is to have done. Which is why, we make sure we are offering our stump grinding services at the most affordable prices anywhere around.

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